Shamanic Transformation

Experience your shamanic transformation together with other women

Discover your feminine essence and authenticity

Second group starts a six-month trajectory in a women’s group January 2022, sign up today!!!

For those that want to actually integrate the experience of a single ritual into your daily life and really bring into manifestation your deeper desire that you have encountered, I offer the opportunity for a transformation trajectory together with other women.

A journey of six consecutive months in which you as a woman come together with other women and receive various rituals in which you experience the journey within. The journey to your feminine body in which you will experience the power of surrender and receiving, where you will meet and learn to embody your feminine wisdom.

Take a journey in the presence of other women in which you are enabled to touch deeper layers within yourself, to bring your shadow into the light, to transform into power and to embody in deep connection with mother earth. Experience what it really is like to be in touch with your deepest desires of being a woman.

You will be in an intimate setting of up to 6 women in which you will make your own transformation journey and learn from each unique female potential present in the group.


The six-month program consists of::

  • Every month 1 evening in which you will receive an in-depth theme in a ritual together with other women;
  • Receiving an assignment for home that is linked to the theme of the evening in question that you will be working on that month;
  • Finally, a cacao ceremony to embody more deeply everything you have experienced under the guidance of the cacao spirit.
If you feel your soul say ‘YES’ when you read this, please contact me. We can then explore together whether this program will benefit you.


Group: 6 women

Program: 6 continuous months

Dates: January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10, June 7, 2022
Tuesday evenings from 19.00 to 21.30

kost: 610 euro p.p. for the 6 months

Location: Veneweg 136 Wanneperveen

Individual programs are also possible.

Kost: 1050 euro.

Program: 6 continuous months

Start: at your discretion

New Location!

Moonheart has relocated to Wanneperveen!!

After having been able to organize my rituals and ceremonies in De Wijk for a long time, it was time to leave this location behind. Time for a new beginning!

I invite you to come and experience the new location for my rituals and ceremonies. I have created this place together with my partner in our own home. Our house is located in the small village of Wanneperveen in the province of Overijssel, surrounded by beautiful nature with lots of water. It is the largest continuous low moor swamp area in northwestern Europe. The power of this land and the strong presence of the element of water add a beautiful intense flow to my  rituals and ceremonies. I thoroughly enjoy the large lakes and wetlands, this wild countryside with its wild animals, roe deer, foxes, special water birds such as geese and sea eagles. I am grateful to be able to feel this land and to give my rituals and ceremonies here. I Thank Mother Earth for this great gift!

The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where creative life energy flows.