I would you like to thank you again for the perfect base you provide in your beautiful location by being a peaceful human. It feels very nice and safe for me.  How you built the ceremony was perfect for me. I was very moved when the spirit of Cacao came in while sitting opposite you with my bowl of cocoa. So beautifully soft and yet so clearly present. I really had a fantastic trip!


I've been to Moonheart 2 times now for a ritual. This second time was even more intense than the first. Moonheart took me to my inner child and showed me my shadow side in such a loving way that I felt safe to make this journey. I have never gone so deep but that was clearly needed. The next day I felt reborn, extremely creative and full of life energy! Now I regularly put on nice music and I am no longer afraid to move more freely. I'm really curious what the next time will bring! Dear Moonheart, what a beautiful job you are doing! Thank you for helping me make this beautiful and exciting journey. See you soon!


Marlouk, thank you for the loving, open welcome you created to receive us as a couple in your energy field. You tune in and create. Thus the ritual became a journey within, to the heart, the body. And also a journey to the other, with the other. The combination with the music, sound, movement, silence, touch is always an invitation to continue the journey, with whatever presents itself, to experience it in presence. We are grateful that you have crossed our path to experience Love for ourselves, for each other. It was a valuable introduction to shamanism for us!

Petra & Thibaut

I'm still comfortable in the "delay" and my shoulders are as good as pain free! Feel a very great gratitude to you, to Moonheart and Mother Earth.


I have always found our meetings to be heartwarming. I think you are a very special, intelligent and powerful woman. I admire your strength to stay with yourself. I especially liked our individual healing sessions. This year I will definitely come back for a personal ritual. My encounters with you have given me more insight. But staying with my feelings, and therefore with myself, is and remains difficult. The head is still working overtime. Probably a lifelong challenge for me.

De Wijk

I'm still blown away by the ritual and meeting you. I am so grateful to you and let me guide you from my feelings in the coming time.


I experienced a bad energy distribution in myself and Marlouk brought me back into balance in her session. I have gained peace of mind by reflecting on my needs. This also brought back balance in my body and in my energy. During the session I felt my energy flowing in the form of heat, very pleasant to experience. We had nice conversations that gave me insight into how I can ground more.

K. Lonsain

The period before the cocoa ceremony I suffered from grinding, negative thoughts. The ceremony was a special experience, also because of the peace, wisdom and love of Marlouk. Now I feel an inner peace. It seems as if the energy has started flowing again and I can look at things with more love. I feel really good Marlouk! Yesterday I still had headaches, especially in the right side. The feeling was very strong that everything was 'done'. Thank you dear Marlouk. I find it difficult to find the right words for what I feel, but the above sums it up nicely I think.

Marieke Bloemberg

A very pure person with a lot of strength and love, without judgment and a lot of space for you. The right subjects come up in a special way and Marlouk pays attention to them both with words and with energy, creating peace and space. After the session I felt energy and strength. Intensely pure person, we didn't know each other but I immediately felt that Marlouk is the right person. She gives her sessions very sincerely. Very happy with Marlouk's experiences and healing.


Marlouk has a soft, powerful energy. My first meeting with her felt familiar and safe. Marlouk invites you to be yourself and to enter the world from that authentic field. What I find special about her is her ability to express and share her own vulnerability, as a result of which she takes you directly to the core of a sincere togetherness. Peace, silence interspersed with constructive energy characterize our special contact. I am happy to have Marlouk in my life.