Cacao Ritual

The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where creative life energy flows.

In addition to the personal rituals, I also like to work with the Kawkaw (Cacao). It is an intense feminine spirit that enables you to make a deep connection with your body and to embody the depths of your wisdom in it. I also use the cacao spirit as a reinforcement of what you may have experienced in rituals and/or ceremonies previously.

I feel a deep gratitude to be able to work with this plant medicine. In a sacred ceremonial space and together with other women I will let you experience the power of this spirit. This intensely sensitive and surefire feminine energy is a real heart opener. Let her lovingly take you on a journey from your head to your body and find the way back to your heart and womb.

We start the ceremony by drinking the cacao together. The power of this magical potion is that it brings you deeply in touch with your inner world where you will experience the depth of your feelings and where it can take you to the depths of your subconscious. The spirit shows you exactly where you are in life and what demands attention within you. She will shine the light where healing is needed for you. Everyone will experience the journey in a different way.

It is an intensely sacred journey that connects you with your body, your soul and the wisdom that lies hidden therein. Together with other women you meet your light and shadow, I let you experience the power of connecting with yourself, your body and the women around you. It is a wonderful experience under my loving guidance at a deep soul level in the presence of the other women.

The Kawkaw I use is pure raw cacao that is specially grown and harvested by small families in Gautemala. These families can live on the proceeds of the sale of the KawKaw. This medicinal plant is lovingly produced by the families without commercial intentions. The intention that the kawkaw should only be used by people who feel deeply connected to the kawkaw through ceremonial use is what deeply connects me to this medicine. These people have an intense heart connection with the kawkaw. The kaw kaw comes from the Maya and was used centuries ago during rituals and ceremonies, when it was seen as a ‘sacred tree’ and ‘Food of the Gods’.


  • Arrival 14.30 to 15.15 – cup of tea
  • Start cacao ceremony 15.30
  • Closing at 7pm

Moonheart delivers a ceremony in a powerful and gentle way in which we will drink the cacao together, sing mantras and make music. After that there is room for each person to create their own place in which they will experience their own journey with the cacao spirit. This part is often best experienced laying down. At the end of the ceremony there is the possibility to connect more with others through dance and movement.

Did you know that your journey gets deeper and deeper the more you participate in cacao ceremonies? Because you have met the cacao spirit before, you are brave enough to surrender yourself further. The cacao ceremony becomes more and more powerful for you each time.


Saturdays from 2.30 pm – 7 pm:

  • October 23 (Availability left for 5 women)
  • Nov 13 (6 women)


From January 2022, the cacao ceremonies will take place on Sundays.

Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm:

  • January 2 (6 women)
  • January 9 (6 women)
  • January 23 (6 women)
  • February 6 (6 women)
  • February 20 (6 women)


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New Location!

Moonheart has relocated to Wanneperveen!!

After having been able to organize my rituals and ceremonies in De Wijk for a long time, it was time to leave this location behind. Time for a new beginning!

I invite you to come and experience the new location for my rituals and ceremonies. I have created this place together with my partner in our own home. Our house is located in the small village of Wanneperveen in the province of Overijssel, surrounded by beautiful nature with lots of water. It is the largest continuous low moor swamp area in northwestern Europe. The power of this land and the strong presence of the element of water add a beautiful intense flow to my  rituals and ceremonies. I thoroughly enjoy the large lakes and wetlands, this wild countryside with its wild animals, roe deer, foxes, special water birds such as geese and sea eagles. I am grateful to be able to feel this land and to give my rituals and ceremonies here. I Thank Mother Earth for this great gift!

The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where creative life energy flows.