About MoonHeart

I am Moonheart and I organize ancient shamanic rituals and ceremonies. During the rituals I am able to make everything that does not belong to you disappear and to bring you back in touch with your true essence that we call “your soul” in shamanism.

“It seems like everything I worry about is no longer an issue,” is one of the replies I often get during my rituals. I will bring you into focus with your silent sacred place within yourself where the answers to all your life’s questions lie. Do you feel the desire to see through all layers and clearly feel who you are deep inside? It is a process that requires your complete dedication, because once you’ve felt what the truth is, there’s no turning back.

My own journey started in Nepal

About 20 years ago my parents, both doctors, founded the Nepalimed foundation for the Dhulikhel Hospital with which they help improve health care in Nepal. Six years ago I traveled for the first time to this special country with their rich traditional Buddhist and Hindu religions. I became acquainted with the compassion that is deeply rooted in the way the Nepalese people relate to each other. I was experiencing unconditional love and sincerity in the contact I received from these people. It brought me in back touch with my own heart.

This trip was my turning point in my life. There I met a shaman who wanted to pass on his knowledge to me. He saw in me what I had been looking for all my life. I came home to a world that turned out to be very familiar to me and it brought me into contact with my soul and life mission during the shamanic journeys I was undergoing.

What does being a Shaman mean to me?

From an early age I felt a strong connection with nature and in particular with the animals. A natural energy of connection with everything that lived on earth was present in me. As a child I healed animals, especially birds. For a long time as a child I was accompanied by crows that I found in nature and raised by hand. I had no idea that this wasn’t the same for everyone else, I thought it was completely normal.

The prolonged suppression of this gift (there was no room for it in my upbringing) led to more and more unrest and gloom in my life. The power of bringing me back into the light was a long intensive journey back into my body in which I could slowly reconnect with ‘being a woman’, the creative power and the courage to embrace my intuition.

By making the journey back to my body and letting go of the story of my mind, my ego, I came into deep connection with my feminine wisdom carried through many lifetimes.

Shamanism came on my path many years later after my first meeting with a shaman in Nepal who told me that deep within me there was a female shaman with a lot of wisdom, whom I only went back years later to receive his teaching. In the meantime I met Ahamkara, a Siberian shaman. I decided to travel to Siberia and after an initiation of 7 days and nights I received my initiation as a shaman Moonheart. Then returned to Nepal to the Shaman I met at the beginning of the trip and received his teaching, who I still return to every year to learn more. In his teaching I learn Hindu shamanism in which Shakti and Shiva, the female and male energy are central. Finding the inner balance between Shakti and Shiva, the inner sacred marriage. An important religion that is becoming more and more intertwined with the energy of my rituals and ceremonies.

As Moonheart, my gift is to share it with the world’ by bringing rituals and ceremonies back to the Western world and to preserve and pass on the different cultures and religions that the world has to offer.  Moonheart is the name I received from Ahamkara. She represents the connection with the deep and powerful healing feminine energy of the moon and my heart.

Shamans are the quardians and maintainers of rituals and ceremonies designed to affirm the interconnection and interdependence of the human and non-human world.

My road to wisdom

  • Red Earth Womb journey Janine Ma-Ree
  • Shamanic Womb journey Janine Ma-Ree
  • Dancing Eros Laura Deva
    International School of Temple Arts ISTA level 1 en 2
  • Himalayan Shamanic practice Nepal
  • Teaching and initiation Shaman Ahamkara Siberia
  • Shamanic healer Wageningen
  • Healing Touch (Intstitute Astroshamanisme Franco Santoro)
  • School of Life (2 years)  (lifetherapy Haarlem)
  • Systemic work (Hellinger Instituut)
  • Family therapist training (BGL Assen)
  • Education Child and Youth Therapy (BGL Assen)
  • Writers’ vocational school Colophon Amsterdam