Shamanic transformation rituals for women

I believe that it is important that we as women start to embody our feminine essence again, especially in this intense period of time were we are living in. It is important more than ever! We should be connecting deeply with what we bring to this world. I will guide you through rituals, ceremonies and the cacao medicine on your path to ‘becoming a real woman’; ‘The Deep Feminine’

As Moonheart I guide you as a woman to give birth to what you bring to this earth, to really start living life from your feminine potential.

Women who are not afraid to go deep, have the desire to connect with the source where all life begins, the womb. Those women who dare to embody their feminine essence and express the intense creative power, who really want to come home to being fully woman.

Do you also long for that woman in your life?

See you soon, MoonHeart

Shamans are the quardians and maintainers of rituals and ceremonies designed to affirm the interconnection and interdependence of the human and non-human world.

Shamanic transformation rituals and kundalini yoga weekend for women

Due to its success and great interest, we are organizing a second weekend for women in the heart of the Weerribben!

From Friday 28 January to Sunday 30 January 2022.

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Are you looking for an intense spiritual experience in which you are brought into a deep connection with ‘being a real woman’? Do you have the desire to meet your authentic feminine wisdom and integrate it more into your daily life? Do you feel the desire to experience the journey to the depths of your body together with other women…

Feel welcome, with love,

Moonheart, Wim and Marjo

Personal Ritual

In a personal ritual I connect you with your body, your sacred temple. I enable you to feel and embody your wisdom of being a woman, to surrender in my love and presence and in meeting the layers within yourself that have often been hidden away for a long time.

Entering worlds and dimensions that extend beyond the body and that bring healing on a deep soul level. The personal ritual brings you home to the true wisdom and reality of your soul that you have been missing for so long.

6 Month Personal Program

Discover Your Feminine Essence & Authenticity

To actually integrate the experience of a single ritual into your daily life, I offer the possibility of a 6 month personal program. I will guide you to really start living the transformation in the energy. During the program you will receive a personal ritual every month, you will receive a home assignment linked to the theme for that month and we will have a 30 minute zoom conversation halfway through the month for coaching or support. The process is concluded with an in-depth cacao ceremony. We coordinate a tailor-made process together. Exactly with the objective you need.

I bring your attention to within yourself where the answers to all your life questions lie.

Cacao Ritual For Women

During a cacao ceremony, this beautiful intense plant medicine will  take you on a journey deep inside your body. The cacao spirit is a feminine energy that gives a deep sense of grounding in your body and connects you with mother earth. She will let you experience the love of your own heart. An intense energy of love and wholeness is released that is deeply connected to the source of nothing and everything, of light and love.

Beyond words, beyond sight. You don’t have to look for your mission or answers in that state. In that state everything is there, it is complete. Everything can move, everything can happen. Once connected to this state you will feel you have arrived in your place,  your coming home here on earth. Let yourself be taken on this sensitive journey in which the cacao spirit takes you exactly where healing is needed in connection with other women.

In addition to the group rituals, I also like to work individually with the Kawkaw (cacao).


Saturdays from 2.30 pm – 7 pm:

  • October 23 (Availability left for 5 women)
  • Nov 13 (6 women)


From January 2022, the cacao ceremonies will take place on Sundays.

Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm:

  • January 2 (6 women)
  • January 9 (6 women)
  • January 23 (6 women)
  • February 6 (6 women)
  • February 20 (6 women)


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The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where creative life energy flows.

Ritual The Medicine Women, the menopause

Transformation of the Moon Blood to Internal Wisdom.

In shamanism, as a woman you go through three womb initiations in your life. The first initiation is girl becomes young woman, her first menstruation. The second initiation is from woman to mother and the last initiation is from mother to wise woman. The end of a woman’s moon, menopause.

This transition receives little or no attention in our Western culture. The denial of this beautiful and intense initiation of the wise woman is accompanied by extreme physical and psychological complaints due to continuous suppression of this inner wise power of women.

This is a time we should welcome darkness. A woman who no longer menstruates takes charge over the power within herself. Her womb becomes a moon crystal. This is a time when her ancient wisdom and life experience may be expressed. Older women are teachers and guides for the young girls and boys, nurturing and moulding them in their early years of life. Older women accompany mothers. The wise old woman has a great power to light the way for the younger generation. Illuminate the inner path, she knows the way.

The old medicine women and her gifts of wisdom, mystery, knowledge, grounding with the element earth

I guide women in this transition. It brings deep collective healing to the women of the west. Do you feel a deep desire to receive this initiation and/or are you looking for a deepening of this beautiful phase in order to embody the power of your wisdom as a woman that is ready to surrender? Then you are more than welcome to join!

Group program Shamanic ‘Ecstatic Menopause’ for women

Starts January 2022

The rituals of the women in Nepal

The Wisdom of a Woman and Her Three Stages of Life

The one thing that stayed with me from my time in Nepal, it is the natural balance of being a woman in deep connection with mother earth by practicing women’s rituals. I feel that the unity of women and the wealth that is present within them has become my mission to share with the women in the west.

The women in Nepal are so much more aware of themselves and are in deep connection with each other and with nature. They have beautiful rituals and ceremonies to honor and empower the feminine energy. In this, the three womb transitions that the woman goes through in life are one of the most powerful rituals I have experienced. By spending a long time with these wise women I have learned a lot about these transitions of women and have learned to connect deeply with them. I therefore see it as my task to bring these rituals to the West.

In our world there is hardly any room for rituals and ceremonies. Our daily activities are full of unconscious activities that have taken us far from the rhythm of the day, our seasons of mother nature so deeply connected to being a woman. In particular the moon phase which is originally so deeply connected with the cycle of the moon. I work with these rituals as a shaman in deep gratitude and love and feel a connection with the women I have met in Nepal.

Collective women empowerment brings deep connection and healing to the women in different cultures all over the world

My rituals and ceremonies are deeply connected to Hindu shamanism. The awakening of the feminine and masculine energies, Shakti and Shiva, and the reuniting of these two intense energies within yourself, the sacred inner marriage, is central to this. I take you on a journey to your body, your heart and soul through shamanic (trance) journeys, soul retrieval, guided meditation, dance and exercises for emotional release, grounding and integration.

New Location!

Moonheart has relocated to Wanneperveen!!

After having been able to organize my rituals and ceremonies in De Wijk for a long time, it was time to leave this location behind. Time for a new beginning!

I invite you to come and experience the new location for my rituals and ceremonies. I have created this place together with my partner in our own home. Our house is located in the small village of Wanneperveen in the province of Overijssel, surrounded by beautiful nature with lots of water. It is the largest continuous low moor swamp area in northwestern Europe. The power of this land and the strong presence of the element of water add a beautiful intense flow to my  rituals and ceremonies. I thoroughly enjoy the large lakes and wetlands, this wild countryside with its wild animals, roe deer, foxes, special water birds such as geese and sea eagles. I am grateful to be able to feel this land and to give my rituals and ceremonies here. I Thank Mother Earth for this great gift!